Subscriber Server

Information regarding the Minecraft Subscriber Server

Getting Started

Updated July 31, 2016

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The Armory server is only for users who are actively subscribed to my Twitch channel. If you are subscribed, go to to get yourself whitelisted for the server. If your subscription runs out or doesn't renew, your access to the server will expire. You'll have to renew your subscription to resume playing on the server. If you are not subscribed, you will not be able to access the server.


Our server is running a lightly modified version of Minecraft 1.7.10 (a custom pack designed by DBKynd). You will need a PC Minecraft account and the ATLauncher.

1. Get a Minecraft account here:

2. Download the ATLauncher here:

3. After installing the ATLauncher, navigate to the Account tab and sign in with your Minecraft account.

4. After successfully adding and selecting your account, switch to the Packs tab. Click on the Add Pack button and use the pack code "anneSub" (case sensitive). In the list of packs, find "Armory Sub Server" and click "New Instance".

5. You don't need any of the optional mods, but we recommend adding a minimap mod (otherwise you'll have no map) called JourneyMap.

6. After the pack is finished installing, switch to your Instances tab and click "Play" on the Armory Subscriber Server section.

Adding the Subscriber Server

Once you've got the pack started, navigate to the "Multiplayer" section and click "Add Server".

The subscriber server address is

After adding the server, you'll be able to log-in (assuming you have whitelisted yourself). If the number on the right says 50/50, the server is full and you won't be able to join till someone leaves. If there's a red X instead of a green checkmark, it means the server is down and we need to get it back up and running for you.

Overview & Rules

Rules: In general, the subscriber server is a place for you to have fun and have fun with others. If your intent is to give other people a hard time, you can shut your computer off right now. Behave the same way on the server as you would in stream chat- Be respectful, ethical, and kind toward your fellow builders. Don't spam the chat or you may get temporarily banned from the server. Don't attempt to grief (break, burn, or otherwise destroy other people's structures) or steal things that don't belong to you. We have WorldGuard to prevent most (if not all) of this, but you don't need to make it your mission to make things harder for other people. If you have any problems, contact one of the server moderators for assistance.

PVP: The subscriber server is a place for members of The Armory to have fun and work together on collaborative builds or challenges. Because of this, I have decided to have PVP (player-versus-player) turned off. If there is significant opposition to this, we can discuss it as a group. But I would rather avoid having people targeted in-game for any reason.

Spawn: When you first load into the server, you'll find yourself atop a pyramid surrounded by four portals (North, South, East, West). Each portal will take you that direction 10,000 blocks. This is to help everyone spread out and find their own little paradise on the server. If you ever need to return to Spawn, you can type /spawn in the chat (more on Warp Commands later on). You are free to go out and build wherever you please!



/help Shows help for plugins
/motd Displays the welcome message
/rules Displays server rules
/near Detects nearby players
/seen <playername> See when a player was last online


/msg <playername> Send a chat message privately to someone
/ignore <playername> Ignore a player's chat messages.


/spawn Return to server spawn
/sethome <name> Set and name a home point you can warp to later (Max 2)
/home <name> Teleport to one of your home points
/home bed Teleport to your home bed
/delhome <name> Delete your set home warp point
/back Teleport back to your last teleportation location or deathpoint
/tpa <playername> Will send a request to the player to have you teleported to their location
/tpahere <playername> Will send a request to the player to have them teleported to your location
/tpaccept or /tpdeny Will accept or deny teleportation requests
/tptoggle Will turn on or off your teleportation availability

Claiming Land

Introduction Video
/trust <playername> Allow a player access to your land
/untrust <playername> Revoke a player's access to your land
/trustlist See who you've trusted in your land
/claimlist View all of your claims coordinates
/abandonclaim Unclaims the claim you're currently in
Stick Right click on a block to see information about whether the block is claimed.
Golden Shovel Used to claim land as described in the video. (replaces default golden shovel)

Disabled Items

  • Tinkers Construct: SDX Explosives
  • ExtraUtilities: Last Millenium Portal
  • ExtraUtilities: EnderQuarry Speed Upgrade III
  • EnderTech: Exchangers
  • DraconicEvolution: Weather Controller
  • DraconicEvolution: Sun Dial
  • EnderIO: Weather Obelisk
  • EnderIO: Weather Obelisk Crystal
  • ExtraUtilities: Ender Quarry (denied in overworld)
  • ExtraUtilities: Enderthermic Pump (denied in overworld)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to be subscribed to access the server?
There's no wait time, you'll be able to join as soon as you subscribe
How much land can I have to myself?
You'll start off with 5,000 blocks (claiming "one" block claims all the blocks from bedrock to build height) and earn 500 for every hour you play on the server up to a maximum of 100,000.